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Yet more windows short cuts

Another list of useful shortcuts. I should try to combine these into one cheat sheet one day, but I am still learning them as I go along.

Tabbing between windows

First and foremost, we all know Alt-Tab (or the fancier Win-Tab) cycles through the open windows on your taskbar. This is fine if you can hold down the Alt key. However, I have not found how to hold a key down using Windows Speech Recognition. This is extremely frustrating as it makes Alt-Tab completely useless for users of WSR with more than two windows. It's taken me 3 months to discover these two commands:

Opens the tabbing interface as for Alt-Tab, but keeps it open. This means you can then cycle through the options by simply pressing Tab or by using the arrow keys. You then need to confirm your selection by pressing Enter
As above, but using the fancier Win-Tab interface.

General window commands

Toggle between different display options - handy on multiple displays or when connecting to projector
Cycle through open windows of program in that position in the taskbar
Clear all but the active window
Make all open windows transparent so can see desktop

Windows Explorer specific commands

Goes up a folder level in Windows Explorer.
Move backwards/forwards through your explorer history
Toggles the preview pane in Windows Explorer.
Creates a new folder in Windows Explorer.
Go to find box
Switch between panes