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  • Welcome Back

    Welcome to the fourth redesign of my personal website. I've been working on my own personal website since about 1998. Since then it has had four designs. They roughly follow the evolution of the web.

  • Etihad stadium

    View of the pitch, from the top back of the Football stadiumWatching Man City vs Crystal Palace (2-2 Draw) at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester. January 2020.

  • Rowing Canal

    Sun setting over a long rowing canal

    Rowing Canal, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. January 2020.

  • Old Church

    View of an old church down a hill in the fields

    Old Church, Boliartsi, Bulgaria. December 2019.

  • The Relativity of Wrong

    Interesting concept of right and wrong. By Iscac Asimov.

    The Relativity Of Wrong

  • The Monument of the Unknown Soldier, Plovdiv

    Large monument of a soldier with sun setting in the misty background

    Alyosha, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

  • Cloudy shadows

    Red clouds in the sunset

    Bofferdange, October 2019

  • Taking a wrong turn

    Today I went for an afternoon out in Metz, accidentally drove straight passed it (talking too much) and ended up in the charming Pont-a-Mousson by chance. It looked like your average french small town with a central square, containing a stage, surrounded by old houses with smoke filled cafe terraces at street level. Just to emphasise the frenchness, a boy carrying baguettes in a paper bag was crossing the road... The only oddity was the number of bikers riding through town on Harleys. Turns out there was a festival of US motorvehicles in town, whilst just down the road, the town was also organising a rubber duck race in a local stream flowing into the Moselle. To top off this improvised visit we drove to have a look at the Mousson castle ruins up a hill across the river. All very lovely on a hot August day. Sometimes it's worth taking a wrong turn I guess! (just don't visit the public toilets :-) )

  • Cat

    Close up photo of Cat's head whilst it is resting with eyes slightly open.Cat. Lisbon, Portugal. May 2019.

  • Dew Drops

    Dew drops on a green leaf

    Dew drops, Bofferdange.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Botanical Gardens, Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife. February 2019.

    Exotic green, orange, blue flower that looks like a birdView more of my images from the botanical garden on Flickr

  • Sunrise

    Sunrising on the moon

    Sunrise on the Super Blood Wolf Moon - Bofferdange.

  • Super Blood Wolf Moon

    Red moon

    Bofferdange, 21st January 2019

  • Snapseed

    View over Bofferdange, colours creatively adjusted using snapseed

    original photo of a view over Bofferdange, unadjusted

  • Frosty Bofferdange, December 2018

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Strasbourg, November 2018

    Old houses by the river in Strasbourg

    Pont Saint-Martin.

    Strasbourg in November 2018

  • Freiburg, October 2018

    Pontoon bridge over a lake in the autumn

    Freiburg, October 2018

  • A brief history of Smugmug's acquisition of Flickr

    After acquiring Flickr, SmugMug have announced a limit of 1000 photos for the free accounts and a doubling of the PRO membership fees. Unfortunately not in that order.  So shortly after cancelling my PRO membership as I was unwilling to shell out double for no useful improvements, I am told I will lose 12000+ of my 13000+ images stored on Flickr. It seems to me SmugMug are blackmailing me to come back... Just as well I've already downloaded and moved all my photos to OneDrive about a year ago. Now all I need to do is recreate the albums and I can say, very sadly, goodbye to Flickr.  Looks like I will also be able to finally start closing my yahoo account.

  • Photos of Bulgaria

    This is an old post (from around 2003) from an old site of mine, which I am resurrecting here. So apologies for the rather lo-res images. But 15 years ago, that was state of the art for web publishing!

  • Flickr, SmugMug and Yahoo


    So, SmuMug bought Flickr from Verizon a few months back (news always reaches me a little later...).  Will that be the end of my Yahoo account? I only have a Yahoo account for two reasons (in that order):

    1. Flickr
    2. Yahoo Mail
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