Walks in and around Luxembourg


This is my personal blog. Most of the posts are about the walks I do in and around Luxembourg. I am not a keen hiker, but since getting a dog a couple of years back, I've not had a choice! I was given a guide to the 201 circular walks in Luxembourg as a present. So most of the walks are from that guide.


Kopstal Circular Walk

This was a 6km walk around the wooded hills of Kopstal, which I competed during a longer lunch break. Roughly the first kilometer, whilst in the woods, was just above a busy road. So the start was a little noisy with traffic below. Eventually you got away from the busy road and most of the rest of the walk was a pleasant stroll through the woods. There was nobody on the walk, perhaps because it was just below freezing! It meant the dog got to be off leash nearly the whole time. The last kilometer or so was along a fairly busy road, which you had to cross on a couple of occasions, as well as walk right along side it for short distances. It's not much fun to be walking right next cars, lorries and buses. Overall, whilst I enjoyed the parts of the walk away from the roads, it would be great if they could find away to avoid the roads at the end.


Rollingen Circular Walk

This was a nice quick walk of 6km around the woods of Rollingen. The walk takes about an hour and has a couple of slightly steep steps up the rock formations past some small caves with religious meaning. There would have been nice views, if it hadn't been a foggy day. Lovely forest walk which took about an hour and a half.


Lorentzweiler circular walk

A lovely late afternoon 9km walk around our local area in Lorentzweiler on New Year's Eve. The setting sun made this walk even more wonderful than expected. We knew the route well enough, except for the first third which was new to us and goes to show it is worth exploring your local area as a tourist from time to time!

The first part up to Blaschette is quite steep on an uneven path, the rest of the walk is straightforward and leads past a local cave known as Fautelfiels, which has wonderful look out over the Alzette valley. The route does miss the neolithic village just next to Blaschette, so keep an eye out for that on your walk. It's not a real neolithic village. Rather it was built for educational purposes, but it makes a nice place to rest if needed. The walk took us about two and a half hours.

The sunset from Fautelfiels:

The sun setting over the green valley of the Alzette

The path down from Fautelfiels:

Steps leading down a steep path into the red woods in the gleaming sunset

The church in Blaschette:

The route:

The map of the route in the walking guide


Reimberg cicular walk

For Christmas I received a copy of Luxembourg's "Guide auto-pédestre" - a book detailing all the circular walks in the country. There 201 of them.

So in the afternoon we completed the first one - a short 5km walk around Reimberg. This was a really nice walk through the autumn woods, criss-crossing streams on little and not so little wooden bridges. It was fairly flat with some gentle inclines along the way.

We set off late, around 4pm, meaning that we walked the last 20 minutes in the dark. This gave the whole thing a slight boy scout feel to it as following the markers became more difficult. By the time we got to the car it was pitch black. But it was a lovely hour spent outside with the family on Christmas day.