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  • Welcome Back

    Welcome to the fourth redesign of my personal website. I've been working on my own personal website since about 1998. Since then it has had four designs. They roughly follow the evolution of the web.

  • Etihad stadium

    View of the pitch, from the top back of the Football stadiumWatching Man City vs Crystal Palace (2-2 Draw) at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester. January 2020.

  • Rowing Canal

    Sun setting over a long rowing canal

    Rowing Canal, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. January 2020.

  • Old Church

    View of an old church down a hill in the fields

    Old Church, Boliartsi, Bulgaria. December 2019.

  • The Relativity of Wrong

    Interesting concept of right and wrong. By Iscac Asimov.

    The Relativity Of Wrong